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A normal day on grindr


women are taught “don’t send nudes if you don’t want them to get leaked”

men are never taught “if a woman feels comfortable enough to send you a nude photo, keep it to yourself. leaking it could put her in danger.”

if you don’t see the issue here, you’re a part of the problem.

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Francesco #1

There was no sun ray incising through the window or charming “run through”, we talked on grindr and in an impulsive night decided to actually meet. Around 10:30 I got to his place, which is not more than 8 minutes from my house. I texted saying I was downstairs but he wasn’t ready yet so I waited for a couple of minutes. He opened the door and on my way upstairs I didn’t realize what I was in for. When I got in he surprised me with the question: ” What movie do you want to watch?” showing me the way to his laptop, on his bed, and before I had chance to reply anything he continued with a half-hearted smile: “I’m sorry about the mess, I just got in from work”  While putting away some clothes from the floor. I talked about the latest movies i had liked, he replied talking about some of his and how he hasn’t gone to the movies in a long time. 

After some chit chat he picked blue is the warmest color, for the sex scene, he asked me around what time it was and I surprisingly, or not, forwarded it to the heavy make out moment, after about 3 minutes in the 10 minute sex scene I laid on my back looking at his face, we kissed. It started getting heavy when he stopped me to ask for us not to fuck that night, so it wouldn’t be just a hook up. And we did everything but oral/actual sex. We kiss, licked, hugged and touched every part of each other’s body. At that moment, there was more feeling I had felt all of last year. Some kind of connection, a feeling of warmth and belonging. We stopped for a while and while he laid on his back I stared at his face, making him squeeze his eyes and call me creepy for doing so. 
There, looking into his eyes, there was nothing more warming. I caressed his beard and he said I was affectionate, barely he knew that out of any adjective that was the one I was most eager to not get. I felt my shield melt as my I our skins touched in bed. He’s like summer in winter. 

Maybe i should be strong, ask for the sea for more luck, and learn how to sail


It was a regular Thursday; I had one class in the morning, I was out by 8:50, a whole day ahead of me and nothing to do. I went home, watched bad grandpa (yes!), had lunch and saw that there was a showtime of the movie “Her”, which I was anticipating to watch. I got to the movies 10 minutes before the session, I ran into the room where there was one guy sitting with a couple of bags on the seat next to him and a hat that, with the lighting of the cinema, made hard to see his face. With plenty of room to pick I chose to seat where I most felt confortable and waited for the movie to start immerged on my cellphone, like a good born and raised generation y, while some ads were going on the screen.

Soon enough the actual previews for upcoming films started showing while this short haired brunette girl came into the room, she ran up the stairs and sat somewhere behind me. It was dark but I could tell she was pretty, or not, but I have a weakness for girls with short hair. It was only us three watching the movie so when there was something funny we laughed together, and it might sound sad or needy, but I just felt a connection. We watched the movie, laughed together, I cried and I think I heard the pretty girl cry too. I couldn’t help but wanting to talk to her the whole movie, and sometimes I’d even get a little distracted by these thoughts. By the end of the session the guy went right out before the cool credits ended (the ones where one name appears at a time, the lined one is the one that I’m kind of lazy about).

He went out and I found the perfect opportunity to turn around and find there were two rows behind me. I’d ask her name and talk about the movie; we’d walk out of there together in a very engaging conversation. So engaging that she’d ask me if I was doing anything and I’d say that I was heading to the apple store to fix my phone’s screen and she’d offer to accompany me. We’d talk while I wait for the guy to fix it and after we’d go to the mall’s cafe and talk while I had a acai berry iced tea and she would be not sure about having a hot or cold beverage, she’d eventually pick coffee. The talk about the movie would be great and we’d make plans to watch it again together. She’d invite me to take a walk and I would accept it, even with the possibility of being late for work. We’d walk to find out that we have everything to do with each other.

Instead, when the cool credits ended and it was about halfway of the boring ones I took a glance back to see her comfortably seating with her feet up on the seat in front of her. I was right; she was (is) beautiful. I left the her in the cinema. She left this story in my mind.

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